New website, new us!

Published on 14 July 2022

Team News

Welcome everyone to the first article on our brand new website. Speak of the devil, that's the topic I'll be discussing today: how this website you are currently on was created, the brief development process, and some of its prominent features.

A little history

We've already had a website back in 2021, made soon after forming 46hana itself. We used Wix and its simple interface to launch a quick and easy site. Of course, it looked horrendous. But it worked.

Still, working alone wasn't enough, and the customisation wasn't convenient. Thus, we began looking to remake it this June. The initial plan was to use Wix again, but I discarded that idea. Instead, I dived straight into HTML and CSS tutorials to build everything from scratch.

As it turns out, it was the correct choice. After only 2 weeks of development, the website is running and looking amazing. The key is focusing on the one most important task and time block several hours daily to that very task. Results? We completed the design in about a week. Afterwards, we planned to use a custom domain with bought hosting, but ended up deploying it for free on Surge for now.

The site's features

Alright, enough of backstory - what can you actually find on the site? Let me showcase some pages that our site offers:

We will regularly update the site with additions and improvements to give you, the readers, the optimal browsing experience. I hope you enjoy exploring the place and thanks for reading!

Shirogane Dai 白銀だい