Spring Poems Announcement

Published on 20 July 2022

Project News

Welcome everyone to the post where I’ll talk some more about Spring Poems - our work-in-progress Visual Novel.

Spring Poems is a denpa drama game of a medium scope that deals with many themes, mainly art, friendship, trust, conspiracy, fate, conformism, and more. The VN follows Hikawa Satoshi, a talented artist attending a prestigious artistic high school - Yoshinaga Gakuen - prideful about its “creating a prosperous youth and future”.

Satoshi is rather individualistic and cold; he does most things by himself and never spares blunt comments, but as everybody, he needs some human connection too, which he gets in the laid-back and lively Art Club. His ordinary days continue until a freshly announced art competition stirs up the atmosphere in the school: his last chance to shine as he’s nearing graduation. Soon after, a mysterious poet appears, turning the world upside down with his words.

It features 8+ characters with distinct personalities and motivations for the highly competitive art contest. We plan the sprites to include small animations to bring the characters into life. The game also includes several choices, leading you to one of the three routes with unique plotlines and different themes. Will you choose Kiyomi Sayaka, the quiet, graceful pianist, or decide to spend most of your time in the Art Club you know so well, interacting with your fellow club mate Hoshida Tomomi, the heart-and-soul of the entire group? Whatever you go for, complete everything to unlock the True Ending Route and wrap up the whole story.

We hope we can compose an original soundtrack for Spring Poems too, but it’s not a guarantee - same with background art. If you’re skilled in either and are interested in helping, consider contacting us!

Planned Release

We don’t know the details (yet). It will almost certainly release in 2023; our aim is spring to fit the setting, but that’s as exact as it gets. Delays and obstacles are always a possibility to keep in mind. But whatever happens, we’ll do what we can to deliver it in a reasonable timeframe.


To find out more about the project and stay updated with the news, follow our social media and check out the Spring Poems page. Thanks for reading!

Shirogane Dai 白銀だい