Vega//Altair Re-announcement

Published on 20 July 2022

Project News

Vega//Altair is an already announced project on our old website, so I’ll give it a brief mention here as well. It’s a Visual Novel and an indirect sequel to Mousou//Sekai. They share the universe, but the plot and characters are different.

The game is a romance thriller with action and supernatural elements. It follows Anzai Takumi, an ex-delinquent and an office worker at a tech company. He tries to fit back into society after his wrongdoings, but is suddenly involved with a mysterious series of murders happening in the area.

The themes of the story revolve around the Tanabata Festival and the legend of Orihime and Hikoboshi, hence the title Vega//Altair. Keep in mind, everything here is subject to change as the project enters development in a few years; this was just a quick synopsis. That’s it for the announcement. Thank you for reading!

Shirogane Dai 白銀だい