Spring Poems | 春の詩
2023 | Visual Novel

In Development

A mere few words turning the world upside down - the power of poetry.

The protagonist is Satoshi, an aspiring artist attending Yoshinaga Highschool. The facility prides itself on nurturing artistic prowess for many generations. He’s a star there, beloved and loathed alike. Yet while brimming with confidence and vigor, inside he’s reserved and full of diligence. He seeks fame and acknowledgement, and the perfect opportunity arises just before graduation. A national art contest comes about as he gets involved with two girls: Sayaka, a graceful pianist and Tomomi, his boisterous art club mate.

However, everything goes wrong as a mysterious, yet oddly familiar poet appears to divide everyone with his words. Friendships come and go. Conflict ensues. The situation only escalates into the gates of hell. Conspiracy. Harassment. Mistrust. That is the nature of the contest.

Spring is a time of change. For the better or not - that’s for you to uncover.

Mousou//Sekai | 妄想//世界
202X | Visual Novel


Yuuki Ryuunosuke moves to a small town of Kiyozaki with his little sister after the loss of their parents. Everything appears normal until a strange disease hits the town with eerie murders taking place around the same time. His battle against fate through a journey of mistrust, delusions and conspiracy begins.

202X | Visual Novel


A sequel to Mousou//Sekai taking place a few years after its events in Tokyo. It follows Anzai Takumi, an ex-delinquent who recently joined a tech company, deciding to change his ways and blend into society. It revolves heavily around the Tanabata festival.