Mousou//Sekai Information

Published on 19 July 2022

Project News

Our first, previously teased project, Mousou//Sekai, is on-hold. That may raise several questions that I’ll be going over one by one in this article.

If you didn’t know, Mousou//Sekai is an action/thriller Visual Novel with supernatural elements. Initially, it was going to be a denpa game. The project scope is large: 20+ characters, extended world-building, and 7 planned routes with different endings. It’s as large as large can get, bringing us to the key aspect.

Why was it paused?

As mentioned, the primary cause is size. The project is so gigantic that it’s almost impossible to tackle properly. It required a lot of art assets and was difficult to work with. Just understanding the storyline can take an average team member several hours of reading, in theory. Even then, it may still seem incoherent in practice. Most characters in the game have backstories which we could turn into stories alone. Paired with a branching storyline and multiple subplots, it’s a real monster of a Visual Novel, at least for beginners like us.

The second reason, lack of motivation and experience (and funds), was also mentioned in this article, so I’ll spare the explanation.

When will it release?

The essential question: when? We don’t know it yet. It will take years at a minimum, so expect it in 2024, perhaps 2025 or 2026. Once the date becomes clearer, we’ll update you. Before anything else, we have to finish Spring Poems; everything else has to wait. As for Mousou//Sekai sneak peeks, news, etc., they should start appearing in 2023 after the release of Spring Poems.


No matter how much time passes, a large Visual Novel is a large Visual Novel. The potential funds and experience gained from Spring Poems won’t be enough. Cuts are inevitable. Therefore, we’ll get rid of a few characters, scenes, chapter, perhaps even entire routes. We will also rewrite many things for increased quality, and for consistency’s sake. The denpa elements will be toned down to make it stand out from Spring Poems. Despite all the reductions, I believe it will turn out amazing, so look forward to it!

That’s it for the heads up, thank you for reading, as usual.

Shirogane Dai 白銀だい