What has been going on with us these days?

Published on 16 July 2022


After the long-lasting radio silence, we're back! A lot has gone down, and I thought I had better explain our absence. Shortly speaking, 2022 has been a busy year; in this article, I'll give some insight about that.

Pausing Mousou//Sekai

Our first project, Mousou//Sekai, was paused at the start of the year. We believed it was too large to tackle in our state. By any margin, it appeared impossible. And if it released, the quality wouldn't have matched our expectations, let alone yours. To proceed, we needed three things: motivation, funds, and experience.

Achieving that is simple - start a small project. Thanks to the more achievable scope, everyone's motivation goes up. It's a perfect source of experience; we will know what went right and wrong for the next, bigger project. And of course, the mini project will help with funds, which later we will invest in other projects.

With that in mind, the idea for Spring Poems was born. We were going to experiment around and check what works in that tiny Visual Novel. Well, it ended up bigger than expected, like it usually happens at 46hana. Although it qualifies as a medium scope project now, it's nowhere as large as Mousou//Sekai. Still, development is going smooth, without obstacles. To stay updated, consider following our social media.

Remaking the website

As you might have read in one of our previous posts, we have recently updated our website. Entering 2022, our Wix site was unmaintained, and inconvenient for publishing any updates. The closer we approached a release, the more urgent updating it was. And after half a year, in June, the website revamp project began.

More about it in the article below:

Reforming the team

Change is inevitable, and sometimes necessary - just like here. Our pace was rather disappointing, including my own. Something had to be done, and so in May, things started to improve.

I've been pondering many methods to get us going. For one, I started hosting events in our workspace Discord to increase engagement with the team. While it worked, it didn't boost productivity. Therefore, I carried out team-wide surveys and created a database task system connected to my Discord bot. The results were fruitful; productivity jumped several levels up.

What next?

Now that we're back, it's time to move even further forward. First, we'll reactivate our social media accounts and post regularly, updating you all with project news and sneak peeks.

Next is a community Discord server. As you're reading, it will have already been released, but right now, it's still in progress. When everything's done, we hope it'll serve as a nice way to interact with you all and build a fanbase. Let's have a good time together!

Please look forward to our projects; we'll do our best not to disappoint! And as usual, thank you for reading the article.

Shirogane Dai 白銀だい