Spring Poems

Romance, Drama, Denpa

A mere few words turning the world upside down - the power of poetry.

The protagonist is Satoshi, an aspiring artist attending Yoshinaga Highschool. The facility prides itself on nurturing artistic prowess for many generations. He’s a star there, beloved and loathed alike. Yet while brimming with confidence and vigor, inside he’s reserved and full of diligence. He seeks fame and acknowledgement, and the perfect opportunity arises just before graduation. A national art contest comes about as he gets involved with two girls: Sayaka, a graceful pianist and Tomomi, his boisterous art club mate.

However, everything goes wrong as a mysterious, yet oddly familiar poet appears to divide everyone with his words. Friendships come and go. Conflict ensues. The situation only escalates into the gates of hell. Conspiracy. Harassment. Mistrust. That is the nature of the contest.

Spring is a time of change. For the better or not - that’s for you to uncover.


  • Multiple choices with 3 unique routes and endings
  • 10+ characters with distinct personalities
  • Numerous CG images adding in to the scenes
  • Light sprite animations that bring them life
  • A plot-heavy storyline with countless tense moments



氷川 敏志

Mar. 21

The main actor of this grand spectacle and the one whose eyes we will be observing the story with. A talented artist belonging to the school's art club in his third year. Satoshi is a true individualist, believing wholeheartedly that alone efforts are more worthwhile than any group work. He presents himself with absolute pride and confidence, causing others to perceive him as cold, blunt, and distant.

In spite of that confident mask, reality is much different; Satoshi struggles with the fear of the future as he is nearing graduation, paired with his parents' heightened expectations.


清見 明香

Feb. 7

A talented pianist and the president of the music club, which is on the brink of disbandment. Lacking members, Sayaka spends her days by herself in the club room, practising her instrument with beautiful finesse.

Others perceive her as cold, elitist, and unapproachable, but at heart she's just not good at expressing herself. Nor trusting people, for some bizarre reason...


星田 朋美

Jul. 14

A member of the art club and a fashion fanatic. Tomomi can definitely be called the heart and soul of any group as the most boisterous and active among everyone. She hates conflict and does her best to resolve it the moment it arises.

She struggles with traditional art and refuses to draw on anything that isn't a digital screen. Although kind towards all, she displays that behaviour most prominently towards Satoshi.


泉 恵多

Jun. 1

Satoshi's extroverted childhood friend and rival. Despite their initial gap in ability, Keita had worked hard enough to catch up just before the approaching, final art competition in highschool.

Keita is an easy-going, good-natured person who values friendship over all. However, at times he can lose his cool and say something insensitive on impulse, which he later regrets.


鬼束 章郎

Apr. 13

A mysterious poet who appears as though from nowhere and disappears just as abruptly. He speaks only in poetic phrases and metaphors to an almost unintelligible extent. Akio's poetry is capable of entering people's hearts and swaying them; if words are the most powerful weapon, Akio knows that better than anyone.


宮寺 尚毅

Sep. 19

Another member of the art club as well as the captain of the school's basketball team. Also a typical Playboy. They say that a man will give his 120% in a task if it's a girl asking - in Naoki's case, that would be 250%.

Although visibly self-centered, caring too much about his appearance, he appears a nice person who tries to help others (mainly women).


島倉 雅嗣

Oct. 28

A well-respected teacher at Yoshinaga Highschool, known of his laid-back attitude towards students. He supervises the art club and often gives advice that not only concerns the craft itself, but also morals and the philosophy of art.


上原 美羽

Jul. 7

A friendly girl who is also the member of the student council's disciplinary committee. She has to ensure the rules are followed, so if the situation requires, she can switch her demeanour to strict and assertive in an instant.

Miu is also Satoshi's childhood friend, but they aren't as close anymore as they used to be.



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